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Energy Policy: Experience curve for natural gas production by hydraulic fracturing by Rokuhei Fukui, Carl Greenfield, Katie Pogue, and Bob van der Zwaan  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Returning to Relevance: the Russian Challenge to Geopolitical Stability by Constantine A. Pagedas  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Geopolitical Risk in the Middle East & North Africa: Shatter Belts & Great Power Rivalry by Peter E. Paraschos  (PDF)

“Η διάκριση των εξουσιών στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής και μια επισκόπηση της εκτελεστικής εξουσίας” [in English, as “The Separation of Power in the US and Oversight of the Executive Branch”](PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Two Decades of Evolutionary Policy by Joshua Marciano  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century — Driving Factors for Continuity & Change by Diana Friedman and Eric Lundell (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Wither Europe? — Crisis in the EU & Searching for an Identity by Devin Horne and Constantine A. Pagedas  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: The Greek Debt Crisis: A Sisyphean Tragedy by Constatine Pagedas (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: The Mixed Geopolitical Implications of Low Oil Prices for Saudi Arabia, Russia & the United States by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

NATOSource: Special Summit Series: Greece and NATO by Constantine Pagedas

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Japan 1964: Back to the Future: Panel 2 featuring Eric Lundell (VIDEO)

Japan Spotlight:  American Shale Revolution: Key Aspects and Implications for Japan by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

Japan Spotlight:  Russia Resurgent: the Crisis in Ukraine and the Challenge to Global Governance by Constatine Pagedas (PDF)

Japan Spotlight:  The U.S. Social Security Program and Debate About Reform by Eric Lundell (PDF)

Mediterranean Quarterly:  Offshore Energy in the Levant Basin: Leaders, Laggards, and Spoilers by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

Voice of America:  Greek American Analysts Comment on Possible U.S. Military Involvement in Syria featuring Constatine Pagedas

Voice of America:  Pagedas: Washington Will Strongly Support the Samaras Government featuring Constatine Pagedas