Eric D. Lundell

President and CEO

Eric Lundell joined ITTA in 1994 and currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, assisting clients with a range of interests in Washington, DC and in various U.S. markets.

Mr. Lundell leads ITTA’s business research and development programs and has directed market assessments in numerous industrial fields, to include power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, oil and gas, telecommunications, robotics, information technology, automotive components, transportation, and various environmental technologies. Mr. Lundell has also assisted with business development efforts in areas such as clean energy, nuclear power, factory automation, process controls, construction equipment, and electronics.

Mr. Lundell also advises clients on a range of policy and regulatory issues impacting their business operations and investments, providing consulting services in areas such as export controls, environmental regulation, trade policy, public-private research & development programs, and technology transfer.

Mr. Lundell received his MA in International Affairs from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. He received his BA in Political Science from Calvin College. Mr. Lundell is a member of the Washington International Trade Association, the U.S. Association of Energy Economics, the American Nuclear Society, the Society for International Development, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, the Asia Society and the Japan Society.

In the News

Interview of Eric D. Lundell and Constantine A. Pagedas on US global trade policy in the Trump Administration with the Fourin monthly magazine, published May 2019 (in Japanese). (view PDF)

Lundell, Eric and Shields, Bobby. “A U.S. Perspective on Foreign Data Protection Policies: Impacts on Economic Competitiveness and National Security”, Hitachi Souken Journal, Volume 13-4, February 2019, 20-23. (view PDF)

Interview on 16 November 2017 with Eric D. Lundell, “Issues of the US Economy Under the Trump Administration” Japan Spotlight. January/February 2018: 9-13. Print. (view PDF)

In September 2016, ITTA, Inc. held a seminar for Japanese companies interested in entering the US aerospace, space and national security market in support of the Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA).  Eric Lundell, Constantine Pagedas and Joshua Marciano addressed the practical knowledge and advice regarding how non-US companies enter the US market, the US rules and regulations that would govern their entry and operations; and US export control issues that could directly affect their businesses and operations.  Further information can be found on this event on JAXA’s website:

Eric Lundell’s interview with Denki-Shinbun of Japan, May 24, 2017. (view PDF)

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