Homeland Security

Since 9/11, the United States government has invested significant resources into homeland security. In this area, ITTA’s experts provide clients with:

  • Analysis on U.S. homeland security policy, regulation and programs.
  • Identification of business opportunities for clients to market goods and services to U.S. government homeland security agencies.
  • Analysis on U.S. regulatory and licensing requirements related to export controls, as well as understanding of U.S. counter-piracy and counter-proliferation policy and programs.
  • Analysis of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard programs and technologies that support its effort to protect the U.S. homeland, including the use of space-based maritime domain awareness (MDA) and automatic identification systems (AISs).
  • Advisory services on disaster prevention, response planning and mitigation.
  • Market research on new technologies in support of U.S. homeland security goals, including computer and retinal identification programs, and anti-counterfeit technologies.
  • Meeting facilitation with key U.S. government and private personnel in the U.S. homeland security sectors.
  • Tracking and analysis of DOD budgets for key programs and platforms.
  • Targeted briefings on key aspects of U.S. defense and national security of interest to clients.