ITTA In The News

Shields, Robert: “Technology Controls & Supply Chain Security – the Linchpins of the New Cold War,“ Japan Spotlight, November / December 2019: 33-37. (view PDF).

Greenfield, Carl, “Using Trump's trade war to address climate change”, The Hill, June 15, 2019 (

Interview of Eric D. Lundell and Constantine A. Pagedas on US global trade policy in the Trump Administration with the Fourin monthly magazine, published May 2019 (in Japanese). (view PDF)

Paraschos, Peter, “Venezuela’s Oil Decline and American Energy Independence”, Newsletter of the US Association for Energy Economics, National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC), March 2019. (

Lundell, Eric and Shields, Bobby. “A U.S. Perspective on Foreign Data Protection Policies: Impacts on Economic Competitiveness and National Security”, Hitachi Souken Journal, Volume 13-4, February 2019, 20-23. (view PDF)

Greenfield, Carl, “Naughty Children – Not Electric Utilities – May Drive U.S. Coal Demand This Winter”, Newsletter of the US Association for Energy Economics, National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC), January 2019. (

Carl Greenfield’s interview from USAEE/NCAC, January 2019.

Gillispie, Clara, and Schwartz, Laura. “How Asia’s Auto Boom Shapes its Energy Security Strategies.” Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs Winter 2019: 25-37. (view PDF)

Shields, Robert, “Making Space Safe Again: National Security Space Policy in the Trump Era” Japan Spotlight. July/August 2018: 16-19. Print (view PDF)

In March 2018, FOURIN, Inc., a global automotive industry research organization, published an interview with ITTA regarding select topics in the US transportation sector. Eric Lundell, Carl Greenfield, and Josh Marciano addressed federal vehicle emissions regulations and autonomous vehicle developments in FOURIN’s monthly report. (view PDF).

Pagedas, Constantine A. “Ugly American Diplomacy: Donald Trump & the Art of the Deal” Japan Spotlight. January/February 2018: 33-40. Print. (view PDF)

Interview on 16 November 2017 with Eric D. Lundell, “Issues of the US Economy Under the Trump Administration” Japan Spotlight. January/February 2018: 9-13. Print. (view PDF)

In September 2016, ITTA, Inc. held a seminar for Japanese companies interested in entering the US aerospace, space and national security market in support of the Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA).  Eric Lundell, Constantine Pagedas and Joshua Marciano addressed the practical knowledge and advice regarding how non-US companies enter the US market, the US rules and regulations that would govern their entry and operations; and US export control issues that could directly affect their businesses and operations.  Further information can be found on this event on JAXA’s website:

Pagedas, Constantine A. “The Apprentice: Donald Trump & His Russia Problem” Japan Spotlight. July/August 2017: 33-38. Print. (PDF)

Eric Lundell’s interview with Denki-Shinbun of Japan, May 24, 2017. (PDF)

ITTA Energy Analyst Carl Greenfield participated in the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) Annual Energy Conference in Athens, Greece, May 18-20, 2017. (PDF)

Energy Policy: Experience curve for natural gas production by hydraulic fracturing by Rokuhei Fukui, Carl Greenfield, Katie Pogue, and Bob van der Zwaan  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Returning to Relevance: the Russian Challenge to Geopolitical Stability by Constantine A. Pagedas  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Geopolitical Risk in the Middle East & North Africa: Shatter Belts & Great Power Rivalry by Peter E. Paraschos  (PDF)

“Η διάκριση των εξουσιών στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής και μια επισκόπηση της εκτελεστικής εξουσίας” [in English, as “The Separation of Power in the US and Oversight of the Executive Branch”](PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Two Decades of Evolutionary Policy by Joshua Marciano  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century — Driving Factors for Continuity & Change by Diana Friedman and Eric Lundell (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: Wither Europe? — Crisis in the EU & Searching for an Identity by Devin Horne and Constantine A. Pagedas  (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: The Greek Debt Crisis: A Sisyphean Tragedy by Constatine Pagedas (PDF)

Japan Spotlight: The Mixed Geopolitical Implications of Low Oil Prices for Saudi Arabia, Russia & the United States by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

NATOSource: Special Summit Series: Greece and NATO by Constantine Pagedas

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Japan 1964: Back to the Future: Panel 2 featuring Eric Lundell (VIDEO)

Japan Spotlight:  American Shale Revolution: Key Aspects and Implications for Japan by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

Japan Spotlight:  Russia Resurgent: the Crisis in Ukraine and the Challenge to Global Governance by Constatine Pagedas (PDF)

Japan Spotlight:  The U.S. Social Security Program and Debate About Reform by Eric Lundell (PDF)

Mediterranean Quarterly:  Offshore Energy in the Levant Basin: Leaders, Laggards, and Spoilers by Peter E. Paraschos (PDF)

Voice of America:  Greek American Analysts Comment on Possible U.S. Military Involvement in Syria featuring Constatine Pagedas

Voice of America:  Pagedas: Washington Will Strongly Support the Samaras Government featuring Constatine Pagedas